We live in Phoenix, Arizona. We have a ranch-style house in the historic Willo District right in Central Phoenix. Both of us work for the Flood Control District of Maricopa County, where I (Jim) am employed as a GIS Analyst, and Diane has work as a Graphic Designer. We have no children, but we do have a dog and a cat, which we take enough pictures of as though they were actually children.

That's all you really need to know....

Now, on to my links....

The home improvement continues, with our most ambition project to date... the Kitchen (and more!)

Pinball - This is my main hobby, which takes the lion's share of my expendable income.
Home Improvement - Could be considered a hobby as well, but is much more sporadic.
Pets - See not only our stupendous animals here, but also the pets of family members.
WebCam - This is my new and improved webcam. It's always on!
Weather - Current (maybe) weather conditions at our house.

Previous Events and Archived Links

Road Trip 2004 - from October 2004
Ping Pong II - from February 8, 2003
Ping Pong III - from March 27, 2004
X-Rays of injuries from my bicycle accident on May 28, 2004
Wedding Pictures - from February 24, 2001

Family Links:
These are websites by family members that you probably already know about, but I thought I'd put them here anyways...
Pete & Marcia Smith (my parents)
Mike & Anne Smith (my brother)
Susan Blease (my sister)

Comments? Email me at my new address: jas@jasdcs.com

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