Cabinet - continued


The first color was then put on. Hopefully, I won't need another coat of green (this is 2 coats).


First stencil applied and painted.

Red stencil

This is the second stencil applied to the opposite side. . .


Stencilling finished!



The rails, which had been removed for the painting of the cabinet, were then sanded down and re-stained.
This picture shows the two side rails, one sanded and the other before sanding.

Finishing the Backbox

Finishing the backbox was actually quite a few steps, but the process doesn't come across too well in pictures. Some shots are below, though.
It involved mainly removing, disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling the credit unit and the runs unit. I decided I would like to make the lights in the backbox as dependable as possible, so I replace every lamp socket that I could access (49 of the 54 bayonet-style sockets). It was a LOT of tedious soldering, but I will end up with bright, non-flickering lamps. I also modified the wooden "mask" section of the backbox that have the recessed lamps for the innings display, so that the lamps could more easily be replaced. I have no idea how those bulbs were changed before!


On the left is a shot of the credit unit (foreground) and the runs unit before removal and rebuilding. On the right is a shot of the front of the credit unit. Rusty!

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