In this section are some of the other scoring opportunities of the game which are not associated with the casino games or a multiball mode:

Skill Shot
Cheat Games

Chips and Ramps
Pop Bumpers

Spinner and Combos

Skill Shot
The Skill Shot on High Roller Casino is a bit unlike those on other machines. With this one, you are always awarded something just for plunging the ball.

The ball is simply plunged into the roulette wheel, and the award is based on the color in which it falls. Simple as that. I have never been able to get it in a specific color consistently, especially since the ball spins around the rim of the roulette wheel to widely varying degrees. In keeping with the theme of the game, its more luck than skill..

The awards are:
- Black: points (starting at 5M, maximum 10M)
- Red: bonus multiplier (starting at 6x, maximum 10x)
- Green: chips (starting at 5, maximum 10)

When a particular skill shot 'color' is maxed-out, the player is awarded an extra 25 M points for each occurrance (75 M maximum).

hrc_rollnwin Roll-N-Win
Roll-N-Win is Stern's first foray into backglass animation. Simple animation, but nonetheless. Roll-N-Win is lit by hitting the standup target in the right side of the playfield (the same one as for Extra Ball) enough times. More hits are needed as the game goes on to light this feature. Roll-N-Win is then played by shooting the center ramp, where the Cashier diverter sends the ball to the Ball Lock post above the right return lane. There is a animation of a dice roll, and you choose which die you want. The wheel then moves the appropriate number of spaces (actually, the lights behind the wheel move appropriately. The wheel never moves). The awards are mostly self-explanatory. The "?" is a mystery award, which is either an extra 500K bonus, 2 extra cheat games, or 20x the current ATM value. The Multi Ball is a Slot Machine Multi Ball. Landing on start awards 50% more time on the "Super" award, explained next..

Each complete trip around the wheel awards a "Super" award: Super Pops, Super Loops, Super Spinner, and Super Surprise. When the first lap is complete, the pop bumpers light for a limited time and are worth a greatly inflated value (up to 100x normal value), the second lap lights Super Loops (orbits), etc.. I haven't completed Super Surprise enought to get a good feel of what this entails (yet!)..

Cheat Games
Cheat Games are used to win a casino game that you would have otherwise lost: A bust in Blackjack becomes a 21, two pair becomes a royal flush in Poker, etc. The wins can be pretty significant though, and can contribute quite a bit to your bonus, particularly in Chips. They are used automatically if you have them available; the player has no choice whether or not to 'use' a Cheat Game. So, you may burn up a Cheat Game to win a game you already have lit, when you may have been trying to 'save' it for a particular game.

Cheat Games are lit by shooting a certain number of Ramps. The first is earned at 5 ramps, then 10, and the number of required ramps begins to increase. Cheat Games are bankable, but I'm not sure what the limit is.

hrc_pops_small The ATM
The ATM value is increased by the pop bumpers, starting at 1 M to a max of 2.5 M. It is collected by shooting either the left or right orbit shots at the appropriate times, as indicated by the big white flashing arrows. The inlane (return lane) switches turn on the opposite ATM for a short time, and if you can repeatedly hit the ATM shot, you continue to collect greater ATM multiplier. Also, you can gan extra balls through the ATM, starting at 10 shots. Hitting quick, multiplying ATMs can be a lucrative way to shoot again.

Chips & Ramps
are used for playing the various casino games. Whenever you 'play' a game, one chip is subtracted as an ante or bet. The net result of any win will always be the posted win amount minus the inital bet. Chips are counted as part of the bonus at the end of each ball. The most significant effect of the chips is to play the Break The Bank multiball, which can be the most lucrative multiball of the three modes. It is played every 100 chips collected. Each game starts you out with 10 chips, and award more for winning casino games (payouts differ for the different odds of the hand/slot spin/cards drawn, etc). Chips can also be added by hitting the 'Win Chips' targets just above each return lane.
Ramps are collected by shooting the ball up the ramp, of course. All three ramp shots count toward the ramp total: The main ramp that returns the ball to the left flipper or to the ball lock to play Roll-n-Win; shooting the ball up the ramp into the roulette wheel; or shooting the ball through the slot machine with the ramp down for a ball lock. Ramp shots start at 500K points and increase by 50K for each ramp made during any ball in play. Value starts at 500K at the beginning of each ball. Ramps are useful for gaining extra balls, as well. The extra ball is lit after the first 10 ramps, then again for each 50th ramp thereafter. Ramps are also counted as part of the end-of-ball bonus (explained below), before multipliers.


Pop bumpers Pop Bumpers
The pop bumpers serve two purposes, which are mentioned above: The first is to increase the ATM value, to a maximum of 2.5 M points, collected by shooting the orbits (or loops) at the appropriate times. The second is to light the different colors on the roulette wheel. The more times the pop bumpers are hit, the more colors are added to the roulette wheel. It's not uncommon to have red, black and green all lit, insuring a roulette win on the next play. Also, the more colors are lit for roulette, the more the pop bumpers themselves score: the count as 1x when no color lit, 2x with one color lit, 3x for two colors and 4x for all three colors (all bets covered). The value of the pop bumpers is increased by either orbit. They start at 10K per pop, and increases by 2.5K for each orbit shot, to a maximum of 50k per pop.

The spinner guards the entrance to the right orbit. The spinner itself doesn't score a great deal of points, but it is the primary method of increasing the bonus multiplier, along with the red skill shot and a Roll-n-Win award.
There are two different 'combos' awarded in HRC. One is the Chip Combo: When one of the "Win Chips" standup targets is hit, the other begins flashing for a few seconds. If you can hit the flashing standup while it is flashing, you will be awarded three chips instead of the usual single chip, and there's a point value awarded as well. The other combo is the Slingshot Combo, which is achieved by hitting all four slingshots in any order without another playfield switch hit in between. You will have only a few seconds to hit them all. You will then be awarded points starting at 1.5 M increasing by 250 K each successive time.

The right

After each ball is drained, there is the obligitory bonus countdown. This is a combination of four things: A base bonus amount (I'm not quite sure how it is calculated though), the number of chips collected, the total number of ramps made, and (of course) the bonus multiplier. I have seen multipliers as high as 40x, and I've seen bonus amounts well over 250 Million points. Bonus can be a quite significant portion of the final score. One reason for this is that the player gets credit for all the chips earned and ramps made in the game after each ball. So, all of the chips and ramps made on Ball 1 will be counted several times. It is not at all uncommon to play 6 or 7 balls per game (since extra balls are plentiful), counting the same chips and ramps each time.

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